Trish Mylet, Author

Trish Mylet received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona where she majored in English. Mylet taught reading skills, drawing from various methods including the California Phonetic Reading Program, the Monterey Reading Program and the Professor Phonics Program, and is certified as an English as a Second Language tutor through Laubach Literacy International.

Mylet wrote the beginning reader and activity set FUN PHONICS, Children, Today’s Joy! including its Reference Guide, and developed the entire phonic program. With Antoinette Sheffield, the illustrator of the FUN PHONICS! set, Mylet co-developed the integrated curriculum of the books and co-published the books under the logo Sizzy Books.

It was through her tutoring experience that Mylet discovered the unique technique of focusing on words with short and long vowel letters in the initial position (ax, Ann, Abe, ate) rather than in the medial word position (cat, hat, cake, late) to help beginning readers more easily recognize and distinguish the vowel sounds. Mylet’s success with this innovative method led her to develop and write two new phonic sets which implement this technique and are also online free at

Mylet, a former nun, store detective, governess, and health spa manager taught preschool in the Head Start program, tutored adults through the Laubach Literacy Program and elementary students through the Monterey reading program. The writer also received an Associate Degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Mylet travels extensively and writes in a variety of genres.


  • MY WORLD - Award of Merit, Poetry Society of Colorado
  • FAMILY NIGHT - The National Montessori Reporter
  • FUN PHONICS, Children, Today's Joy!. An integrated beginning reader and activity set of 19 books which incorporates both phonics and geography. Mylet developed the phonics program and wrote the music, stories and program guide. Published in 1988 and Revised in 2011
  • MONTESSORI VISITORS - The Los Alamos Monitor
  • YOU, MY DAUGHTER - Euterpe, anthology of poems, Mile High Poetry Society

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